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Rotary Foundation

 30 November 2018
 Sevasadan Hall
 PDG and DRFC Deepak Shikarpur
 RCP Pashan will be joined by Deccan, Inspira and a new club to understand foundation. DRFC Deepak will explain the subject with innovative method of a quiz. 7.15 to 7.45 - Fellowship with snacks 7.45 to 7.47 - National anthem 7.47 to 7.50 - Publication of december bulletin 7.50 to 7.52 - few imp district announcements 7.52 to 7.55 - Intro of chief guest 7.55 to 8.55 - PDG Deepak 8.55 to 9.00 - vote of thanks and meeting adjournment
 This was a joint meeting with Deccan, Inspira and a new club. PDG & DRFC Dr. Deepak Shikarpur created a conducted a quiz on Rotary with focus on Foundation. 3 teams Pashan Rockstars, Deccan Daredevils and The New Spring participated in the quiz. This was an excellent quiz for knowledge sharing and can be duplicated elsewhere. The meeting was well attended
Rotary Foundation Rotary Foundation
Rotary Foundation Rotary Foundation